Data Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Policy for Blispa Event, Tour and Trail Apps

The Blispa Event App provides a timetable and event guide for conferences, exhibitions and events. The content in the app can be triggered by Bluetooth iBeacons around the site, if the app user gives permission for this.

The app has no login or registration so gathers no personal information directly.

The App can work in a standalone mode with no data connection, in which case no information is shared with Blispa central systems.

If data is available and the user gives permission the app will contact Blispa servers at regular intervals to check for content updates, and anonymously report any beacon and app interactions. This enables anonymous gathering of the app ratings, itinerary entered which is aggregated to give the event organiser feedback, crowd movement and attendance analytics. Blispa also use this information to improve the app and monitor beacon interactions to ensure they are active.

The app contains content entered by event organisers, which may include links to external websites outside Blispa control. The content and any data protection issues are the responsibility of the respective website owners.

Data Privacy Policy For Blispa Finder Wristbands

Each wristband broadcasts a unique ID which we store on our systems, together with any contact data you enter when you authorise the wristband in the app. This data is encrypted and held in secure servers in the EU and subject to UK Data Protection registration.   (Registration Number: ZA190767)

Access to this data, and displaying location data on a map is restricted to those people to whom you release the authorisation code.

If a wristband wearer is found event security staff can be authorised to access any contact details that you have entered for that wristband.

ICO Registration

Blispa Limited is a registered Data Controller with ICO number ZA190767