Blispa supplied the app and game for the music festival

Blispa beacons and festival app at WOMAD

Blispa has partnered with WOMAD  to explore how the app can enhance the festival experience for the public and festival organisers. Part of an 18 month project, supported by InnovateUK, we have explored how beacon and location information can benefit festival goers and organisers alike. This year we provided the festival with its most comprehensive guide ever. Rich content about all that goes on, including a trader directory , game and unique finder wristbands. Following on from trials last year we have built an app that received 4.5/5 ratings in the app store and rave reviews on social media. Behind the scenes we made it easy for the organisers to create and maintain content, entered using the EventHalo event management platform and provided operational insights as to what people planned to see and where they were going with real time analytics in the event dashboard. With revenue opportunities from trader adverts and finder wristbands we put the app at the centre of the festival experience. Along the way Blispa have learnt how to deploy beacons at scale  this unique event to explore and overcome the operational challenges of deploying beacons at scale in the festival environment and providing real time analytics to support the festival organisers.

How the app worked

The Blispa app provided the most comprehensive guide to the festival available, with beacon triggered around the site. A trader directory and trader offers linked  traders to performances increasing revenue opportunities. Integrated finder wristbands brought reassurance helping to show where loved ones are onsite.

The app really enriched the Womad experience on site. 5*- Katie Davis, Play store
Great app. Well done people. This was the first proprietary event app that has been really useful. It had no significant effect on battery life which is very important. 5*- Alex Paul, Play store
``Love this!!!`` 5* - Rachel Baker, Play store

The app helps event organisers offers as much  as it helps visitors

Easy App Creation

 The app is app easy for event organisers to create and maintain.

 Content is entered and maintained online. Type text in and it is automatically styled

 Published immediately – or at a given embargo date

  Beacon triggers are included simply by naming the stage

 Tight integration with EventHalo event management platform EventHalo automates content creation.  e.g. sign up a trader and their registration form automatically creates the app trader directory.

Focus on revenue opportunities

 Support for sponsors and traders onsite

  Sell and include adverts; entered quickly, even on the day, as traders arrive

  Sell finder wristbands

Increased information for crowd control and event planning

 Finder wristbands help reduce risks from lost children and vulnerable adults.

 Real time crowd analytics helps event security

 Comprehensive crowd analytics gives insights before, during and after the event


Beacons deployed across WOMAD


Made use of the itinerary


downloads over the weekend

Beacon deployment at WOMAD

Real time analytics

Beacon interactions provide real time information that can give promoters operational insights to help manage the event, and plan future ones. Data gives alerts to management, help manage volunteers and staff and trigger messages and announcements to app users.