Location based apps, games and tours

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Beacon triggered Apps

Blispa makes it easy for you to present timely and relevant content to your customers.  Using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, Blispa delivers location based content direct to your customers on their mobile device.

Apps range from retail marketing and offers to tour and audio guides and city concierge services.

Beacon Management Platform

Our platform enables beacons to be deployed and managed easily, without requiring specialist development skills.

Free to use for smaller trials and scaleable for larger installations, Blispa rapidly deploys beacons with support and management services, leaving you to focus on creating great experiences for your customers.

Create With Blispa

Get all this and more with Blispa

Museum beacon apps

Museum and galleries

Instantly create gallery tours and curated content for mobile devices

Integrate with other city tours, games and exhibits in the locality

Analyse visitor movements and crowd monitoring

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event beacon app

Events and festivals

Bring your event timetable or festival guide to life with a Blispa app

Develop games and competitions within your app

Real time crowd movements and attendance analytics

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TimeHunter Beacon App

Games and trails

Build location based games and trails for exploring your town

Create interactive games for team building, treasure hunts or attractions

Explore our complete Timehunter package

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Retail Beacon Apps

City concierge

Explore cities using our City Concierge service

Promote local businesses using beacons for proximity marketing

Use maps and multi-lingual support to help tourists explore

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Blispa Bluetooth Beacons

The Blispa platform can operate with any beacon compliant with the iBeacon standard. We have experience of a range of devices and can help you select the right device for your application, providing these as a turnkey managed service.

We have beacons which are:-
  • Battery powered for indoor and outdoor use – with battery life ranging from as long as 6 years or up to 3 months for short term installations
  • Solar powered
  • Mains powered for indoor use
  • 12V vehicle powered, fitting an accessory socket

And have the operational tools needed to easily deploy, manage and operate beacons in large numbers.

The Blispa Service

We provide a turnkey service that enables you to deploy app, beacons and content quickly and with minimum capital costs. Our beacon as a service platform provides you with the operating platform to manage content and beacons effectively: leaving you to focus on creating content for your audience.
We provide beacons on a pay as you use basis, with no upfront costs. We can create custom applications for you, or provide access to our libraries, API and SDK and help you build beacon functionality into your app.
Let us work with you to design a unique experience for your customers.